Tracking your competitors can help ensure market competitiveness and long-term viability.

But are you equipping your sellers with the right information needed to rise above the noise and win deals?

Alex McDonnell, Market Intelligence Manager at D2L and Jonathan Hinz, Director of Product Marketing & Sales Enablement at Seismic discuss best practices for gathering and analyzing competitive information for better sales conversations. Learn:  

  • How to identify your top 3 competitors
  • What competitive information to start tracking now 
  • How to quickly produce competitive materials for sales

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Webinar Presenters

Alex McDonnell, Market Intelligene Manager, D2L 

Alex McDonnell leads Competitive Intelligence at D2L, a learning technology company. In three years with D2L, Alex has established the CI function as a trusted advisor to leadership, product management, marketing, and sales. While other CI practitioners inform their work with violent analogies like war and boxing, Alex takes a different approach. Instead, Alex has developed an energetic style that treats competition more like a dance battle: a healthy rivalry over sustained audience attention.  

Jonathan Hinz, Director of Product Marketing & Sales Enablement, Seismic

Jonathan Hinz is a 17-year veteran of helping businesses win through increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing and sales teams. He has spent his career leading innovation and product marketing change to maximize output in a variety of roles at Verizon, NewsCred, and Trustpilot. Currently, Jonathan leads Product Marketing and Sales Enablement for Seismic, the global leader in marketing and sales enablement.