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Take Back the Quarter: A Kit to Automating Your Update Process 

Discover how content automation can help reduce your quarterly update process from weeks to days  

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Why your quarter-end process needs an overhaul:  

  • Strategic projects are pushed aside until all updates are complete. 
  • It is a disconnected, disorganized, and labor-intensive ordeal. 
  • You can’t leave the office at a reasonable hour for several weeks each quarter.  

Download this kit to discover why content automation is changing the lives of marketers and analysts at firms like yours, and take back the quarter!

As part of this kit, you'll receive: 

Video: Changing Live, One Quarter at a Time

Guide: Transforming Asset Managers' Quarterly Update Processes

Guide: Increase Operational Efficiency & End Your Quarterly Pitchbook Update Headache

One-Pager: End the Quarter with Content Automation

Infographic: Offsetting Industry Challenges with Seismic's Positive ROI Impact