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Deirdre Pelrin

Deirdre Pelrin Director of Marketing, Life Sciences Seismic 

According to Aberdeen, organizations with a sales enablement platform experience a 13.7% annual increase in deal size.

So, what is sales enablement and how can it help your organization? At its core, sales enablement is an initiative that radically transforms the way your organization’s sales and marketing teams work together. 

Watch the on-demand webinar for a deep dive into the world of sales enablement for the medical device industry. 

Watch on-demand to learn:  

✔ What sales enablement is and how to get started ✔ Why medical device companies are rapidly adopting sales enablement ✔ How sales enablement increases marketing and sales effectiveness ✔ How sales enablement improves the customer experience

Webinar Speaker

Deirdre Pelrin Director of Marketing

Deirdre Pelrin is the head of marketing for Life Sciences and Financial Services at Seismic, including demand generation, content, events, and account-based marketing. Deirdre is passionate about bringing marketing best practices to the teams empowering sales with the tools they need to boost revenue. In her off time, you can find Deirdre crossing off her foodie bucket list, making homemade pasta, or traveling.