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Feeding the Beast: Content Marketing in Asset Management

Join Boston Partners, Back Bay Communications and Seismic

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Content creation is sweeping the asset management industry. Back Bay Communications’ recent survey uncovered something fresh—that firms are doing more than just creating content; they are producing informative and educational materials that are of real value to their readers.  

But it’s not enough to just create. Measuring and forming a true understanding of what works and how it affects your firm’s financial outcomes is the ultimate goal of content creation.

Join Boston Partners, Back Bay Communications and Seismic for a webinar that amplifies the content best practices you already have in place with takeaways including:  

  • Gaining a better understanding of your audience through content analytics  
  • Tailoring content to your audience of one and winning every interaction 
  • Incorporating content marketing into your integrated communications strategy 
  • Creating a seamless use-case for your wholesalers and marketing teams