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Engage Using Insights Through Analytics

Leverage Seismic to illuminate content effectiveness, and improve every sales touchpoint

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According to a recent study by DemandGen, 95% of B2B purchase decisions are directly influenced by content. 

Yet only 6% of B2B marketers effectively measure the performance of their content using metrics that reveal business impact.  

Is your content being used at the right time? Are buyers engaging with the right content throughout their journey? Does your work positively impact the bottom line? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, neither does your boss.  

Download this infographic to see how content analytics powered by Seismic gives you the power to:  

  • Improve the quality and relevance of all sales touchpoints 
  • Meausure your content's impact on revenue 
  • Leverage feeback to drive actionable improvements to your content strategy